Access Control – From Electronic Locks To Biometric Readers

An access control system is an electronic security system that is used to grant or deny access to a commercial building, hospital, university campus, or other facility. The system consists of a computer program, electric or electronic locks, proximity or biometric readers and door release devices. The computer can be programmed to allow or deny access based upon may different criteria. Variables such as door location, day of the week, time of the day, holiday schedules are used to determine whether a person is denied or granted access to a particular location.

Security As Tight As You Need It

Depending upon the application, the system can determine the level of security that is needed, input devices such as keypads, barcode readers, proximity readers, finger print, retinal scanners are used to provide information to the computer to determine the identity and access level of the person seeking access. Other electronic security systems can be integrated with the access controls to provide higher levels of security. Burglar alarm systems can be used to monitor the open or closed status of gates and doors. Video Surveillance can be used to provide a video record of the person or persons accessing a controlled entry or exit.

Commercial buildings and other facilities that use access control would include hospitals, government offices, trucking terminals, fitness centers, port facilities, parking lots, garages, club houses, apartment buildings, hotels, municipal works, colleges, university laboratories and many others.

Carolina Security System’s Flagship Product

Carolina Security’s personnel sell, install and maintain several different access control systems. Our flagship product is the IEI/Linear Emerge Access Control platform. This system is appropriate for facilities that require as few as 2 or as many as 100’s of controlled portals. The system utilizes a browser-based software controller which does not require a separate server. It utilizes standard local area network connections for deployment across a wide area or a campus environment just like a network would connect PCs in the same environment. This system is very easy to use and requires just 30 minutes of training to become proficient with its administration.

We also sell and service Honeywell Access Systems.

Parking and Traffic Control

Another subset of access control is parking and traffic control. Carolina Security Systems sells, installs and maintains barrier arm, slide and swing gate operators that control access to parking lots, garages, resorts and gated communities. Like other access control products these systems contain an input device such as a barcode reader, telephone entry equipment or a simple numeric keypad to control entry into these facilities. Our product offering includes: Barcode Readers from Barcode Automation Inc. (BAI). Gate Operators from Magnetic Automation and Chamberlain, Telephone Entry Systems from Linear and Keypads from Mircom.

Distributed Antenna Systems

Check out our DAS page to learn more!

Our technicians are fully trained and factory certified on all of the above systems.

Carolina Security Systems has been selling, installing and maintaining access control systems for over 15 years. We are currently monitoring over a 1000 gates and doors and have practical experience on many other access systems, so no matter what your access control needs are we can help.

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